Work Visa

Do you think you have some good skills that will help you to get sufficient work in places like Australia? If your answer to this question is positive then work visa is the perfect option for you.

If you would like to work in Australia based on your skills then you come under the category of “Skilled Visa” which is available by submitting Expression of Interest(EOI) via Skill Select. This shows that you wish to consider yourself for skilled visa but keep in mind that EOI is not a Visa application.

Application for Australian Skilled Visas depends on test score attained in Skill Select program. Apart from the required skill and experience, proper English knowledge is an important parameter that decides your eligibility to avail Australian skilled visa.

Work Visa options:

  • Skilled migration visa options: If you are an overseas skilled worker then you can avail this skilled visa however the condition is your skills must be in demand in Australia.
  • Sponsored or nominated work visa options: Let’s say if you are nominated or sponsored by any employer approved by Australia, a state or territory government agency or state or territory authority then this Visa is for you.
  • Workers: For workers, this is the required information:
    • Visa options comparison chart
    • Rights, roles and responsibilities as a worker
    • Skills assessment
    • General Skilled Migration Visa Application
    • Superannuation
    • Employed in Australia’s Off-shore oil and gas industry.

    So, if you are willing to opt for Work Visa then YEG is definitely here to help you out. We deal with all types of Visa Processes; you can check it out at our Visa Types Section.

    It becomes easier to know as to which type of Work Visa will fit your needs with the help of Visa Comparison Chart. It will give you several options for skilled migration to Australia.

    Basically, there are three types of skilled migration visas which are as follows:

    • Skilled Independent Visa
    • Skilled Nominated Visa
    • Skilled Regional Visa

    Be it any type of Visa, YEG offers easy application process for all types of Work Visas i.e. short term as well as Long term based upon your work needs. Call us today to know which Work Visa will be best for you and how it can be availed as quickly as possible.

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