Visitor Visa

Well, there are lots of travel lovers like me who wish to travel whole world and meet different people, interact with them, know about different cultures, different habits, variety of cuisines, natural places, unique creations and lots more.

Australia is one of the well known destinations to be travelled and known. You might be aware about Opera House Sydney; the New Year Eve at this place is worth watching as you can enjoy seeing marvellous fireworks.

Seems like reading this; you felt the urge to pack your bags now and reach Australia soon. But wait! For that you will need visitor’s visa. Be rest assured because you are at the right place as here, at YEG; we can make it easy for you to avail visitors visa for Australia.

YEG has very smooth Visa process and hence everyone taking benefit of our services has been benefited with hassle free delivery of tourist Visa. These visas are basically for those individuals who wish to go on a vacation, holiday or recreation.

Who can apply for Australian Visitor Visa?

It is basically for those individuals or travellers who are travelling to Australia. These can be one of the below:

  • Tourist
  • Business visitor
  • To visit family members
  • On a tour with registered travel agent from People’s Republic of China.

This Visa is for a predetermined period as decided by the Minister. It is available for three, six and twelve months. There are various types of Visitor Visas such as:

  • Visitor Visa ( subclass 600)
  • Electronic Travel Authority Visa ( subclass 601)
  • eVisitor ( subclass 651)

The first one is described as above and remaining two are for tourists as well as business visitors.
Be it any kind of visas, we will help you out with all types and make your journey to Australia easy as well as awesome.

Benefits of Visitors Visa:

  • Allows you to explore the beauty of Australia
  • Meet Australian residents and know their culture
  • Lets you learn new things
  • Travel in different parts of Australia as many times as you want till
  • the time of stay granted in the Visa.

Ready to visit here! Contact us Now and get started with your Visa process. YEG is here to help you at each and every step. Our branches located in different parts of this continent will definitely make your journey smooth.

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