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We believe in offering the top most educational and migration services to all those residing in Australia as well as those from other countries who wish to migrate to Australia for Study purpose.

We offer Student Visa to those who wish to study in Australia. Before applying get guidance about Australian Student Visa However, there is some eligibility criteria for the same that allows them to take courses for any stream i.e. graduate, post graduate, vocational, professional or any.

Today, majority of students wish to study in Australia. If we take average then near around 2, 50,000 students every year come here for study purpose. Our student visa programme makes easy for them to get the Student Visa so that they can come here and easily fulfill their dreams.

We offer Student Visa for every course level from school level to professional level. Whatever you wish to study here, we are there to help you out.

Study and Work in Australia

Now it is easy to study and work in Australia today because student visa holders in Australia can work up to 40 hours for each fortnight, beginning from course initiation. Australia is exceptionally strong of student work compared to other nations. As a global student in Australia, it can sometimes be hard to keep up basic living costs unless you likewise have low maintenance work. Living in Australia can be costly when you consider costs, for example, accommodation, food, educational cost, and different costs that lead students to study and work in Australia. After Changes in Australian student visa Policies that implemented in April 2008 have made it much easier for global understudies to get work in Australia. Since then any eligible student automatically gets permission for student Visa easily.

Selecting a relevant course:

At times, it is difficult for youth to decide what course to go for but there’s nothing to worry about as we also offer assistance related to proper course selection. We will give you all the possible placement opportunities of course like you choose your interested course and want to study in Melbourne, we will help you in that.

Course selection also depends on student’s interest and how much he/she is keen to learn from it. If money is the sole purpose to study here, then placement will be the criteria based on which one can choose his/her field.

Hence, always go for professional advice and assistance before launching a visa application to make sure that you become completely eligible for migration.

Work with Student Visa

For this, it is mandatory to have Tax File Number, bank account that will be used for processing payments and these services are offered by YEG offices situated in different parts of Australia.

Benefits of Student Visa:

One of the biggest benefits is it allows you to work part time along with your studies i.e. 40 hours every two weeks at the time of course and also full time during vacation or course pauses.

This helps you to cover costs related to food, accommodation and transport and still money can be saved to meet additional expenses.

Work eligibility criteria:
  • To work legally, one must have completed at least 31 years.
  • Spouse, family members and children can be included as dependents.

Get in touch with us for quick assessment and proper guidance regarding your course selection as well as student visa application process.

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