Family Visa

We understand the feeling of what it means to stay away from the family and that too at a long distance; be it for work purpose, study purpose or business. When you are in Australia, many times you may feel the urge to meet your family, live with them and enjoy.
However, at times you may be unable to do so because of some restrictions.

So, now don’t worry; with Family visa, you can easily invite your family to Melbourne and stay with them. For any family visa issues, YEG is here to help you out. There are various eligibility criteria to be met for family visa and these are as follows:

Family Visa Eligibility Criteria:

This visa is basically meant to unite Australian citizens, be it Permanent Citizens or those who are eligible for New Zealand citizenship with their family members, only close family members.

Family sponsored visa is of two types:

  • Children with parents residing in Australia
  • Parents having one or more children settled in Australia

With family migration scheme, eligible persons can easily sponsor their family members so that they can join them in Australia on temporary or permanent basis.

The sponsor as well as applicant will have to meet the eligibility criteria that varies depending on the visa you qualify for.

Sponsor will offer support to the applicant for two years from the time they arrive in Australia. Apart from this, Sponsor needs to provide written undertaking and in several cases, there will be a need to offer Assurance of support.

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for visa in question. This includes fulfilling health and character requirements, meeting the balance of family test and offering biometric identification.

Types of Family Visa:

  • Child Permanent Visa ( 101)
  • Parent Permanent Visa ( 103)
  • Contributory Parent Permanent Visa (173)
  • Contributory Parent Permanent Visa ( 143)
  • Aged Parent Visa Permanent (804)
  • Contributory Aged Parent ( Temporary ) Visa – 884
  • Contributory Aged Parent ( Permanent ) Visa – 864

Go to Parent Visa section to know about its eligibility criteria.

Be it any type of Family Visa, with YEG; every visa process will become easy. So, if all of the visa criteria are met then contact us soon, we are here to offer you a helping hand and make your dream to stay with family Australia come true.

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