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Like as Work Visa, Business visa is also great in demand. There are various people who wish to do business in several foreign countries such as Australia. At Yogi Education Global, we offer cost effective Visa and immigration services such as immigration advice, several types of visas and more.

For any business visa, be it Business Talent ( Migrant) or Business Skills Professional; everyone needs to sign a declaration that helps to meet several requirements of visa such as informing the Australian residence address to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection within 6 months after first entry in the country.

Further, in case of any address changes; it is mandatory to keep DIBP informed about the same. This must be done within 28 days of address change. Apart from this, there are also additional onshore requirements to be fulfilled by those visa holders who are:

  • Business owners
  • Business owners sponsored by territory
  • Senior Executive Visa Holders
  • Senior Executive Visa Holders sponsored by territory or State

Eligibility for Australian Business Visa:

  • Once you enter Australia then within first 24 months, it is mandatory to contribute something towards Australian economy by being involved as owners at a senior level.
  • Owner must be under age of 55 years however under certain conditions when your business offers economical benefit to Australia then age limits can be considered
  • Must score 65 points or more on the test
  • Being a business owner for two or more years
  • Businesses having earnings of atleast AUD 500000 dollars turnover per year.
  • Must have successful overall business career
  • Must have personal assets as well as business assets worth 800000 AUD dollars. These must be acquired legally and must be permitted to transfer legally to Australia within two years of visa being granted.
  • Businesses having sufficient staff with proper turnover from sale of goods and services will only be eligible.

Business must carry out following:

  • Carry out business links with international market
  • Maintain employment in Australia
  • Export Australian Goods or services
  • Produce goods that can also be imported
  • Develop innovative technology
  • Participate in the competitive markets within several economy sectors of Australia

So, if you meet all of the above business criteria then it will be easy for you to get business visa. Don’t worry; business visa process will be taken care of by us. We will guide you for the same.

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