How to Use Your Working Holiday Visa in a Better Way

  • How to Use Your Working Holiday Visa in a Better Way
    18 Dec 2016

    How to Use Your Working Holiday Visa in a Better Way

    Australia Working Holiday Visa; for those who are willing to work while travelling. This is applicable for candidates from eligible countries i.e. UK, USA, Canada, Western Europe and Scandinavian countries. It will be a wonderful thing for anyone who can work even when he/she’s travelling. Working holiday visa allows to do work even while travelling for one or two years in Australia. Candidates will earn the same amount as that of an Australian worker and will also possess same rights. If you are willing to stay for second year then you will have to work in some rural areas or some special industries in the beginning.

    Now, some of you will think why one needs to work while travelling?

    Working holiday visa is designed especially for those who wish to work along with travelling. Yes, you may get surprised why one needs to work when he/she has come to enjoy its holidays. Now it is easy to get work visa for Australia Working overseas is filled with lots of rewards and these are much better than going somewhere on a vacation.

    Benefits of this Visa:

    Generally, benefits are explained in a very soft and sweet manner but disadvantages sometimes are explained completely. Here, we will know about benefits in the form of a story:

    Example: A French lady who travelled to Australia said that she was easily able to manage her home as well as children because she possesses Australian Working Holiday Visa. Interesting thing about this visa is you get a chance to meet various people at the place and again you meet them down the track.

    Here, you feel like you are staying alone but present with a huge group of people who talk, describe and share things with one another. This makes you believe that there’s a sense of community. It is far better than just a single holiday. On the other hand, working provides an opportunity to stay for more days and discover more. You make most use of yourself and you learn the most. This really has changed the lives of many.So, once you are back home you will feel like you can do anything and everything and can do any kind of job. This is a wonderful feeling one can ever have about own.

    Along with these benefits, there are some drawbacks as well:

    Being on Working Holiday Visa shows that you are going to stay in Australia for a limited span of time and this is one of the reasons you won’t be getting any permanent work or any kind of professional work.

    Yes, obviously you can be hired by those offering temporary works such as nanny services and child care agencies in Melbourne who will call you in Morning and ask whether you are free for the day and it’s not a regular job where you won’t be able to take a off.
    In case you are unable to work or even are not in a mood to work, you can say no. Everything you have to do by yourself and everything here seems to be amazing. This is a visa which people can use to travel and learn new things from every culture, know the cultural differences.

    How much can you earn?

    As you are on Working Holiday Visa, you will be offered temporary works such as painting, gardening or any kind of labour work. Workers here are paid AU$20 to AU$25 per hour and this must be balanced with the cost of living. Irrespective of from where you are, as per the legal terms; a full time worker will get AU$16 and casual workers will get AU$21 per hour. This is the minimum wage rate in Australia. In UK, it is £6 per hour and in US, it is $7. The Australian rates vary depending on industry and state. Employees working during weekends are paid a higher ‘penalty rate’. Casual rates can go as high as $37.95 per hour. Make sure to take everything in writing.

    What type of jobs can travellers do?

    Jobs like as fishing, gardening, fruit picking, fish packing, household gardening, selling tickets at carnival, admin work, bar work and more such kind of short term works are allotted to travellers.

    Finding work while travelling:

    This is really an important task. So, if you have any employable skills such as driving, teaching or technology experience. You can use that to find work. Know what you wish to do physically. Take sufficient savings so that you don’t have to do what you don’t like to, have your CV completely edited especially if you are not fluent in English.

    Things to be taken care of:

    Just you want to work doesn’t mean that you can do anything at any cost. Always thoroughly go through the job details and get as much information about the same as you can. Know about the extra costs that will occur such as laundry or internet access.

    There are times when you find the job to be too good but then later you have to find your own passport. Stay away from such scams. Check how many people around know the person who has posted the job and how many of them are actually legal and genuine, don’t keep blind trust on anyone.
    Conclusion: Be ready, get your working holiday visa today and start exploring Australia as well as yourself. Yes, this will definitely unleash the hidden abilities inside you. You will know how good you are at some tasks.

    In order to get more information about such visas, get in touch with YEG GLOBAL; where expert migration agents can offer you sufficient details regarding Work Visa for Australia. Stay tuned, let us know how you felt for this post and if possible share it to let others know they can work while travelling in Australia!

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