Work Visa in Australia: Stay and Work in Australia with Peace

  • Work Visa in Australia: Stay and Work in Australia with Peace
    12 Oct 2016

    Work Visa in Australia: Stay and Work in Australia with Peace

    Australia opens various great opportunities for people worldwide to work and live there. It has lively cities with incredible landscape beauty and high employment rate that millions of individuals across the world come to live and work here permanently.

    Need for Visa in Australia

    An appropriate Work Visa is needed in order to live and work in Australia on the temporary or permanent basis.

    Types of Visas:

    Skilled Migration Visa: Foreign skilled worker who meets the needed criteria and possess the skills having demand in the Australian labor marker can avail this type of visa.

    Sponsored or Nominated Work Visas: The individual can avail this type of visa who possess the required criteria and are sponsored or nominated by:

    • A recognized Australian employer
    • A Territory or State Authority
    • A government Agency of a State or Territory

    Requirements for working in Australia:

    The requirements for working in Australia depend on the type of Visa you are applying to. The general list of requirements is as stated below:

    • A valid passport from any of the country and aged between 18-30 years.
    • You need to have required IELTS Score showing your efficiency in the English Language by providing relevant certification.
    • Your Nominated occupation must be listed in the relevant Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
    • You must have the Skills and Experience for the occupation you are applying for nomination.
    • Your skills needed to be checked by assessing authority recognized in Australia.
    • You are required to meet the health and character criteria.
    • An X-ray check-up for tuberculosis if from the third world country for more than 6 months.
    • Minimum of $5000 AU in the home bank account.

    Applying for work visa in Australia:

    Skilled Visa:

    For this visa you need to submit the online EOI (Expression of Interest) on Skill Select. This Skill Select is an online system to receive and process applications. You will be scored for the details, such as Age, Skills, Education, Language Proficiency, etc submitted in your profile in Skill Select. On selection, you may get the nomination from Australian State, territory or Employer to apply for the visa in Australia. Deskflex

    Sponsored Visa:

    For application of this visa, you must be sponsored by an employer (an approved sponsor) in Australia. An application for a sponsored visa can be submitted once your employer has lodged an application to nominate or sponsor you. Online application can be done by mentioning the nomination Transaction Reference Number or Application ID confirmed by the Employer in Australia.

    Cost and Time taken to process a work visa

    The Processing cost and time depends on the type of visa. It depends on the factors like time taken for detail verification, certifications, etc. Generally it takes 6 months to 12 months for processing of work visa.

    Finding job in Australia:

    After reaching Australia, the main things on the list will be to get an Australian contact number, application for Tax File Number (TFN) for filing of taxes and opening a bank account. Get your credentials accessed by recognized authorities; keep your resume ready along with covering letter and all related documents. Search online for vacancies and make a list of job sites and organizations which match your profile and apply/register for the available vacancies.

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