Types of Australian Work Visa and Their Requirements

  • Types of Australian Work Visa and Their Requirements
    17 Oct 2016

    Types of Australian Work Visa and Their Requirements

    Over the past few years, Australia is considered as the land of numerous attractions, temperate and soothing climate and warm welcoming people. But nowadays, the country is gaining its popularity because of its strong economic growth, scores of opportunities and huge openings for foreign workers. That’s why every year, numerous people from all over the world migrate or relocate to Australia as they are envisioning to start a new beginning in this country. But regardless of the purpose of the visit, it is very much obligatory to hold a valid visa. To ensure successful immigration, certain fundamental requirements are essential and should precisely be taken care of.

    Generally, Australian government issues three types of Australian work visas and they are:

    Here We Listed Three Types of Work Visas

    1. Temporary residence visa: This type of permit is given to those non-Australian residents who have been sponsored by the company to which they have applied for. This type of entry permit is also granted to people who visit Australia for some special purposes such as cultural performances and athletic competitions.
    2. Work holiday visa: This type of permit is eligible for those people who are coming from different countries like United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, and the Republic of Korea. This work permit gives the opportunity to people from the said countries to work in Australia so that they can earn supplementary income and can lead a better life in Australia. But the difference is that this visa is entirely based on tourism purposes. The prime goal of this permit is to allow the permit holders or owners to visit and tour Australia for about a year but at the same time, give them an opportunity to earn money. This money will help them to bear their expenses during their stay in Australia. This work permit is very popular in Australia and by using this permit every year millions and billions of visitors are coming to stay in this country.
    3. Skilled migration program: This is specially designed for those who did not get any sponsorship by an employer but still fit the criteria of certain skills that are highly required in Australia. A person is only eligible for this type of permit if he or she has an age between 18 and 45, along with a good command of English plus. This program also demands work experience and qualifications of the applicant. There are numerous options under this program for professional and skilled migrants.

    Requirements for an Australian work Visa

    Certain documents are required to get a valid permit in Australia.

    1. Job order: A job order is a cardinal document that is required if a person is seeking a work permit in Australia. A job order is basically a document that is issued by the labour department on behalf of the requesting employer. In job order, it is clearly mentioned that there is indeed a demand for the particular position which has being applied by the candidate.
    2. Work order: Since day by day visa process has become complicated, now instead of job order a candidate needs a work order to get a legal permit.
    3. Previous academic records and certificates: Now, candidates’ academic records and all certificates are being verified by the authority before issuing a legal work permit.

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