Types of Australian Visa and Their Usage

  • Types of Australian Visa and Their Usage
    4 Oct 2016

    Types of Australian Visa and Their Usage

    Trying the luck in another country for growth and development has become a routine part of life. Many people, visit different countries for the different duration of time to work, study or progress in their respective fields. Australia is one such country which is sought by several people for study and job purposes apart from spending leisure time. A visa is mandatory in such countries.

    What is Visa?

    Basically, a visa is a certificate or a stamp which is marked on the applicant’s passport. The visa certificate is issued or stamp is marked by the immigration authorities who indicate that the applicant’s credentials have been checked and verified. With the approval of the visa, the person has permission to enter and stay temporarily in the country within a specified period.

    Types of Australian Visas:

    • Single entry visa: It is the most common type of visa. It is valid for just one visit in the country.
    • Multiple entry visas: It allows a number of visits in the country within its validity period.
    • Business visa: Business visa is issued for a short visit in the country for the business purpose. However, the individual is not allowed to take up employment in the country based on this visa.
    • Tourist visa: This type of visa is issued to those people who wish to visit the country for leisure trips or vacations. People having tourist visas have full freedom to move around the country.
    • Residence visa: With the help of this visa, one can get an extended stay, however he/she is not entitled to work in Australia.
    • Work visa/ Work Permit: This visa offers individual the permission to stay in the country and take up employment. Work visa is issued for a specific job for a specific period of time.
    • Electronic visa: It is the type of permission recorded in a computer and is not issued as a certificate or stamp mark.
    • Student’s visa: Many students prefer Australia for further studies. This type of visa is granted to the students who wish to pursue their studies in Australia. With the student’s visa, the students staying in Australia are permitted to work part-time while pursuing their studies.Students can work full time during a vacation or when the course pauses. The work opportunity helps students to cover various expenses related to food, accommodation, and transport. Student’s visa offers various benefits to the students and a good amount of money can be saved by them by supporting the expenses from their hard earned money.
    • Parents’ visa: It is also issued in Australia. This visa allows the parents to stay up to two years as a temporary resident or even as a permanent citizen in Australia.

    Applying For Australian Visa:

    Firstly, an online application is to be made to secure an Australian visa. Then, a print is to be submitted to the nation’s local consulate. After checking and verification of the submitted documents, the process is taken to a further stage where the consulate mails the visa that is then attached to the passport.

    The entire process takes almost two to three weeks to get completed. Always get in touch with any well known Australian Visa provider as there are many fraudsters waiting for you to give a fake visa which can be used for less time duration.

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