Beware of the Spouse Visa’s Pitfalls

  • Beware of the Spouse Visa’s Pitfalls
    6 Feb 2017

    Beware of the Spouse Visa’s Pitfalls

    If you are just lucky enough to find your soul-mate in the land of Kangaroo and want to move in this beautiful country then spouse visa is all what to need. Visa is a must document to enter and live here. If your spouse is an Australian citizen then it is not the only things that you need. There are certain other things that you need to understand before applying for the Australian Spouse Visa.

    Major There Pitfalls to Avoid While Applying for the Spouse Visa

    Here are some common pitfall that you can avoid to fasten the application process. Firstly the most common misunderstanding that most applicants have is that it is easy to get visa if your spouse is Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia. The Citizenship of your spouse do not confirm the visa request. You have to do lot of things to get the visa.

    Another common pitfall is that a relative or any other known person got visa in very quick and hassle free way. Always remember that each application is unique and they need some definite period of time. If they got visa in quick way, then it might not work in your case.

    Generally people think that marriage certificate is the sole proof they need b while applying for visa. Make sure you provide complete set of documents along with the marriage certificate. Always keep in mind that an additional document along with the evidences adds much weight age to your case.

    Another biggest mistake that applicant commit is that they don’t take the help of professionals. These professionals know what all documents are needed as they deal with the visa on the daily basis. They have right knowledge to handle easy as well as difficult cases.

    But while choosing the migration consultancy services, you have to do the deep research and choose the right one. While choosing the immigration service make sure that service provider is a certified migration provider authorized by the government. Enter into written contract instead of oral one. Read the contract paper very carefully to avoid any shocks and surprises.

    Lets Understand Different Types of Spouse Visas:

    Basically spouse visa are dividing into two category: Permanent partner visa and Temporary partner visa.

    Temporary Partner Visa:

    As the name suggests this visa is only meant for short period of duration. The temporary partner visa allow you to work and live. It also grant permission to travel in or outside Australia.

    Permanent Partner Visa:

    In this type of visa you have to wait for the long time before you get the green signal. You are eligible for this visa if your marriage period is at least 2 years or been in relationship for minimum 5 years.

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