What are The Types of Australian Visas?

  • What are The Types of Australian Visas?
    8 Nov 2016

    What are The Types of Australian Visas?

    Australia is a country with a fast-growing economy. It attracts many people from all over the world for various purposes. Some may be tourists who wish to explore the beautiful landscape of Australia, while some want to get an education or set up business. Irrespective of the purpose for visiting this beautiful continent, a visa is mandatory.

    A visa is a certificate or a stamp. It is marked on the applicant’s passport by the immigration authorities. This certificate or stamp indicates that the applicant’s credentials have been checked and verified. After the approval of the visa, the individual has permission to enter and stay temporarily for a specified period of time in the country.

    Classes of Australian Visas:

    • Permanent Entry Visa: In Australia, people from across the globe are accepted for permanent settlement under either the Migration Program or the Humanitarian Program. Depending on the individual’s health, skills, age, financial resources, English proficiency, etc. they are selected for the migration program.
    • Work visa: Work visa offers the individual the permission to stay in Australia and take up employment. It is issued for a specific job and for a specific period of time. The work visa is granted under certain circumstances like:

      Working holiday visa: This visa is issued to those people who intend to enjoy in Australia and their trip is for recreation. However, with this visa, these people are allowed to work for part-time or they can take up temporary work so as to supplement their income. Citizens of the Malta, Japan, Canada, Korea, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom can the benefits of this visa. The ages of the applicants must be between 18 and 26.

      Temporary residence visa with work rights: This visa is for those applicants who wish to work for up to 4 years in Australia. The main requirement of this visa is the Employer sponsorship.

    • Visitor visas: On a standard visitor visa, the individual can stay in Australia for up to 3 months from the date of entry in the country. The visa is issued for multiple travels. It can be used to enter in the country for 1 year from the date of issue of the visa. With this visa, the individual is not permitted to work.
    • Electronic visa: It is the type of permission recorded in a computer and is not issued as a certificate or stamp mark.
    • Residence visa: The individual is allowed for an extended stay in Australia on this visa. However, he/she is not permitted to work in the country.
    • Student’s visa This visa is granted to the students who wish to pursue their studies in Australia. The students are permitted to take up part-time work while pursuing their studies. The students are also permitted to work full time during their vacation or when the course pauses.
    • Single entry visa: It is the most common type of issued visa. This visa is valid for just one visit in the country generally for exploring the beautiful Australia.
    • Parent’s visa:This visa allows the parents to stay with their children for up to two years in Australia. They can stay as a temporary resident or even as a permanent citizen.

    Final Note:

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