All about The Skilled Independent Visa

  • All about The Skilled Independent Visa
    25 Nov 2016

    All about The Skilled Independent Visa

    Australia is a country as well as a continent coincidently. It has a beautiful landscape as well as loads of working opportunities. This is the much sought after country for work purposes. People from various countries visit this country to work there. The employment rate in Australia is high and also it has a fast growing economy.

    About Visa:

    To visit Australia for work purposes, a visa is required. It is a certificate or a stamp which is marked on the passport by the immigration authorities. Visa indicates that the applicant’s credentials have been checked and verified. Work visa is basically permission to the applicant to enter, stay and work in Australia. Only after the approval of the visa, the applicanthas permission to work for a specified duration in the country.

    There are various types of work visa. Australia’s Work Visa program or the General Skilled Migration Program allows individuals from all over the worldto migrate to Australia. The individuals are granted visa if they have certain skills and capabilities which can contributetowards the improvement of the Australian economy and the workforce.

    Skilled Migration Visa is a type of visa which can be applied by any skilled worker from any part of the world who meets the specified criteria.The visa is approved if the skills of the individualare in great demand in the labor market of Australia.Work Visas can be Sponsored or Nominated.

    Brief Of The Program Who Lack Support:

    There are many skilled persons who intent to settle and work in Australia but lack support from outside as well as inside the Australia. The Australian visa programs are beneficial. This program allows individuals settled in Australia to sponsor the professionals. In some cases, even the business can help the individual and can sponsor. Apart from this, a government agency of a state or territory can sponsor the professional.

    Those skilled professional who lack the support from all the above mentioned sources always have a chance to apply for the skilled independent visa sub class 189. This visa is granted to the points-tested skilled workers and is a permanent residence visa. The skilled workers are granted this visa on the basis of their skills, educational qualifications, work experience and many other such important factors.

    In Australia, the point based system of immigration checks the various factors and standard of the skilled professionals. Then, an invitation is sent to the skilled professional if the individual suits the need of the labor market of Australia.

    The immigration agency, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia looks after the point based system application procedures. The applicant who is intended to work in Australia and acquire this visa has to submit an expression of interest in the Skill Select. This is an online tool that is integrated with Australia’s labour market needs.

    To obtain this visa, the applicant has to gain 60 points in the point based system. Thus, the immigration requirements of Australia are comprehensive.


    The important requirements of the skilled independent visa subclass 189 are as follows:

    • The applicant must be below 50 years of age.
    • The applicant should have educational qualifications and must have obtained Skill Assessment for that work or occupation.
    • English Proficiency and should have valid IELTS scores.
    • Good health and character mandatory requirement.
    • The applicant should have achieved the score specified in the letter of invitation which is based on the various factors in the points test.
    • The individual should have nominated an occupation that is on the skilled occupation list

    The applicant should have documentation and understanding of the immigration procedure. The applicant can be in or outside the Australian continent when he/she apply and when the visa is granted. The applicant can approach a reputed consultant for applying the visa program. The consultant can help and guide the candidate with the visa processing.

    Individuals can enjoy numerous benefits through the Australian visa program. The beneficiaries can enjoy social security programs, etc.

    Conclusion: Do you think you have sufficient skills that meet Australian labor markets and do you have professionals who can sponsor you? Then this visa is the perfect one for you to migrate to the amazing world of Australia.

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