A Step By Step Guide for Australian Tourist Visa

  • A Step By Step Guide for Australian Tourist Visa
    22 Nov 2016

    A Step By Step Guide for Australian Tourist Visa

    Australia is a beautiful continent and is on the bucket list of various people. Visiting the Sydney Opera House, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, hiking the Blue Mountains, taking a picture of a kangaroo or koala bear and relaxing along the shores of Bondi beach or Manly beach is the dream of most of the travelers. Here is the detailed information which will guide you in securing the tourist visa of this huge country which is a continent as well.

    Check for the Passport:

    A person intended to visit Australia should make sure that the passport is still valid for at least 6 months before the travel. If not, it is the first step to getting the passport renewed first. Flight ticket can be booked before the application of visa as it return date is clearly mentioned therein. However, you must be aware of the fact that the visa might not be granted and tickets may have to be canceled. Non-refundable bookings can cause you a loss.

    Application For Visa:

    Three types of visas are available for the tourism activity and you can apply for the same via online process. The visa types are:

    • Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)
    • Visitor visa (subclass 600)
    • eVisitor (subclass 651)

    Create ImmiAccount And Process Visa Fee:

    After establishing the type of visa you want to apply for, the next step is to submit an online application with the help of an ImmiAccount. If you do not have ImmiAccount then, you will be prompted to create the same. Enter the details and information about yourself. Cross check the entered details once more before submission.

    Then, you will be prompted to pay the visa application fee. The fee will depend on the type of the passport you hold and it can be paid with the help of plastic cards like a debit card. After the payment, you will receive an acknowledgment from Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) via email which signifies their receipt of the application.

    Submission of Documents:

    A checklist of documents is available at the Australian visa application website, which can be referred while uploading the documents. You are needed to submit following supporting documents for your visa:

    Documents supporting your identity which includes birth certificate, passport, marriage certification, etc.
    Documents that will ensure the fact that you have sufficient funds for the travel for instance savings account, bank certification, etc.
    Documents that prove your affiliation to your home country. Documents like flight booking, employment certificate, contract by the employer, etc should be submitted.

    Wait For The decision:

    Once you upload the documents, they cannot be deleted; more documents can be uploaded if needed. After uploading the documents, now you will have to wait for the final decision from the Australia’s DIBP. The decision will be informed through an email along with a Visa Grant Notice which states the extent of the visa. Visa will be granted in around 4-6 weeks but there is no definite timeframe.

    Book Your Tickets:

    If you have not booked your tickets, book them once the visa is granted.

    It should be noted that you have to keep the visa approval letter safely along with your passport at all times when you travel to and from Australia. The procedure is simple and you can do it in a hassle-free way.

    There’s no need of any visa label still if you wish to get one then it is available for additional $150.

    Acquiring Australian Tourist Visa was never so easy still if you need any guidance then you can get in touch with well known Australian Visa providers, Yegglobal.

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