How to Select an Education Agent?

  • How to Select an Education Agent?
    17 Nov 2016

    How to Select an Education Agent?

    Are you willing to study abroad? Have you selected the course? If the answers to both of these questions is YES, then now very soon you will be in need of an education agent as this person/firm will be the one assisting you in getting the admission in any reputed university in the country selected by you.

    Taking help from education agents will help you save time, money & efforts. However, it is necessary for you to know their role and go through the entire paper work before you sign.

    What Education Agents can do?

    Education Agents will help with the required information that is needed for studying overseas and they will also make you aware about the process of properly managing your studies in Melbourne.

    Hence, it is important that you get in touch with local reliable trusted agents who easily meet the decided standards which will help you make informed decisions about studies. Always select an agent that is right for you.

    You can easily find the right one with the help of these criteria:

    • Gathering information from more than one agent and then comparing it.
    • Locating an agent that specializes in Australia.
    • Make sure you are aware about all costs so that you can easily ask for the costs summary.
    • Check whether the agent is registered or not.

    Some agents are registered only with one or two institutions and they charge commission from them instead of charging you any fees. Check all these details before signing any document.

    How to find a reliable Education agent in Melbourne?

    There are several Australian Embassies available in your country to provide you a complete list of trusted and registered Australian Education Agents nearby or in your areas.
    Stay away from:

    • Those agents providing incomplete or false information related to Australian PR.
    • Agents who ask you to sign the documents without reading them.
    • Agents making a promise of offering well paid job in Australia or provide guarantee about student or residency visa.

    Education agents are not entitled to offer any migration advice unless they are Registered Migration Agents.

    Always sign a Written Agreement:

    Before initiating any kind of monetary transaction with your education, get the written agreement signed. This agreement includes the course that you have enrolled for, terms & conditions, fees etc.

    Do read this agreement carefully at least twice before signing it. Make sure you understand each and every point clearly such as rights, refund agreement etc. Further, you must also have the copy of this agreement as well as of all the papers that you sign.

    Time Duration of finding Agent:

    Well, this task is not the one that has pre-determined time duration. The entire process from agent finding, course selection, application and acceptance will vary. So, always have enough time to prepare for the application.
    If a study tour is organized by the selected registered education agent then they can easily handle the entire visa application process. Always be frank to discuss these things with them. Remember to get travel and medical insurance for you as well as any one travelling with you to visit Melbourne.

    Finding an Education Agent may be difficult for you. You can get in touch with Yegglobal to get the list of certified education agents in your area. This will save your time & efforts and you will easily get registered education agents Melbourne where you and your money are in safer hands.

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