Some Changes in Parents Visa Rules

  • Some Changes in Parents Visa Rules
    17 Feb 2017

    Some Changes in Parents Visa Rules

    Parent visa are for those parents whose child is residing and working in Australia, those parents can apply for parents visa if they visit to stay with their child. But in order to get parents visa, there are certain conditions that needs to be fulfill. Firstly the applicant must be natural parents of the child who is the Australian citizen otherwise the applicant should be settle in the country for at least 2 years and should possess good health.

    There are certain changes in the parents visa law and it will be applicable from the 2017, July 01. currently visa is really expensive one with the $5935 with 30 years of waiting period another one is $47,000 visa with two years queue period.


    Changes That Can Bring Smile on Visa Applicants:

    Staying Period Extend to 5 years:
    Now parent visa holder can stay in the country up to 5 years before getting it renew for the another time tenure. However government has not decided the rate but said that it would be really affordable one.

    Cannot Enjoy Government Welfare Scheme:
    Those parents who are staying with their children on parents visa are not eligible for the benefits on any government medicare and other form of government welfare schemes.

    Private Health Insurance is Mandatory:
    Before entering into the country, it is mandatory for the parent visa holder to have private health insurance from any Australian insurance company.

    English Need:
    Another requirement would be English, parents needs to have the knowledge of this language. However government has not thrown the proper light on whether it would be compulsory or not.

    Not Clear About the Work Permit:
    Government is not clear about the work permit to the parent visa holder. So there is another worry that adds more to this difficult process.

    Number of Visa not Decided:
    Australian government have not yet decided that how many visa would be approve annually. However there are chances that there will not limit according to the new rule. Lets see what government decides.

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