Major Interview Questions while Applying for Student Visa

  • Major Interview Questions while Applying for Student Visa
    21 Dec 2016

    Major Interview Questions while Applying for Student Visa

    When you ask any student to select a country where he/she wants to study further; I bet among the top five in its list would be Australia. Yes, many students have a wish to go and study further in Australia. Keeping this thing in mind; we have sorted out some important topics on which if complete information is provided then it can make much easier for students to be prepared and don’t panic when the time comes to apply for visa.

    Once you have made a firm decision to study there; it’s time to move ahead towards the next milestone – getting Student Visa Australia.

    What’s the process?

    This will be the first question coming in your mind when you are thinking about visa. So, let me explain the process in a nutshell. Here, it goes:
    Visa Process: The case officer will go through your profile details & will examine your performance via Genuine Temporary Entrant i.e. (GTE) assessment. It is the only factor on which your visa confirmation is dependant. Here, during this assessment; you will be asked some questions which can be considered as student visa Interview questions related to Australia.
    Read ahead and start making notes as in the next paragraphs, you will come to know about the type of questions that are been asked.

    Type of Questions asked during Visa Interview:

    University & Course Related Questions:

    •  Why you want to go to Australia?
    •  Why you chose Australia?
    •  For which course you want to go there Explain in detail about your course Reason for selecting  this course.
    •  What’s the course duration?
    •  What’s the course fee?
    •  How this course will benefit you?
    •  Do you wish to return back to home country after completing your study?
    •  Are you planning to continue studying in Australia?

    Here are some more:

    • Please show me the copy of your previous education?
    • Subjects that you studied in Under graduate/ Post graduate What’s the reason of changing your study field? (This is applicable only if your current education field is different from what you are going to pursue in Australia.)
    • Why you cannot do the same course in native country?
    • How many universities have you applied to?
    • Which universities gave you acceptance?
    • Tell me something about this university (X)?
    • Have you received any scholarships?
    • What’s the reason of selecting this university instead of others Y & Z?
    • How have you planned your stay?
    • Is it off –campus? Questions Related to your Prior Education?
    • Where did you complete your UG/PG? In which stream did you complete your UG/PG?
    • Your percentage/grade during UG/PG.

    Exam related Questions:

    • Please show your IELTS/TOEFL score.
    • Reasons for your score being low (if it is really low!)
    • Reasons for your score being high ( if its high)

    Questions related to your Family:

    • Tell me about your family!
    • Who is sponsoring your studies?
    • Why is he/she sponsoring your studies? (In case, the sponsor is not a family member)
    • Your father’s annual salary.
    • Are you the first one from your family studying abroad?
    • Any outstanding loans?
    • What are the primary income sources of your sponsor?
    • How many dependants your sponsor has?
    • Proof of sponsor’s annual salary.

    Other questions:

    • Have you visited any other country previously?
    • Which country have you been?
    • Any plan to visit your family during holidays?
    • What are your plans for off-semester?
    • Tell me about your future plans
    • Your plans after returning to your home country.
    • Will the course that you are going to study offer you a good job?
    • Any plans for doing part time job along with study?
    • Have you been to Australia before?
    • Why we must give you Australian Student Visa?
    • What in case if the student visa is rejected?

    So, these are the questions that you will be asked at the time of Interview. Dedicated visa experts and counsellors will guide you for the same. You can always communicate with them to discuss about visa rules and various places to study abroad. Mock interviews are conducted to increase your confidence level so that you can face the actual interview.

    According to Australia’s Immigration Department; number of student visa applications in Australia have increased since 2011/12 and every year this grows to 7.8%. So, if you are one of these students willing to study in Australia, contact YEG GLOBAL today for complete guidance regarding Australian Student Visa. Hope this information was useful to you. Stay tuned for more such tips and guidance. Share this as much as you can, let others be benefitted.

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