Get ready for the Interview Questions For Spouse Visa

  • Get ready for the Interview Questions For Spouse Visa
    23 Jan 2017

    Get ready for the Interview Questions For Spouse Visa

    If you have a tie knot with an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia or with the New Zealand citizen then you are eligible for spouse visa. In this case your spouse can sponsor you for the period of two years and after that if your marriage is still going well and then you are eligible for permanent citizenship of the country.



    In order to get the Spouse Visa you need to follow the following conditions:

    • Both, you and your partner should be 18 years or plus
    • Need to have good health condition
    • The relationship should be real and genuine
    • You and your life partner should live together and should not get separate after getting permanent residence status
    • If you are not legally married then your relationship should be at least 12 months old
    • Spouse should not have any criminal records

    While applying for the visa, you have to go through interview round. We have prepare the list of questions that may be asked. They may throw basket of questions if you and your spouse are not of same age group, do not share same culture and language, have applied for the spouse visa early also and if they find alarm raising doubts related to the genuineness of your relationship. The question by case officer questions depend on kind of application.



    • How you meet your partner and how did the relation starts?
    • When did your relationship starts?
    • What are your future plans to carry out the relationship?
    • Do your family knows about your relationship?
    • What is your love story?
    • What are plans about your living in Australia?

    If they are not satisfied with the answers or they are not sure about the relationship status, they may ask more specific questions.



    • What your partner like in breakfast?
    • Who are his/her best friends?
    • Where did your partner attend the school?
    • Where did your partner work?
    • What is your partner favorite color, favorite food and other favorite color?

    Certain couple may have genuine relation but despite of their differences in view point. So it is just worth to checkout their basic understanding about certain issues.

    In order to get the right move for your genuine relation, Yeg Global helps you to get through the procedure. We’ll guide you through whole process. Call us today for our consultation service at very reasonable charges.

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