Australia- Introducing New Work Visas

  • Australia- Introducing New Work Visas
    22 Dec 2016

    Australia- Introducing New Work Visas

    Working in Australia is a dream of many. People believe that studying, working or staying abroad adds to their status quo and as a result, no matter what comes the way; every possible effort is made to get the Australian Working Visa. This visa is for those willing to work in Australia.

    Who Can Work in Australia?

    Anyone possessing the skills required or mentioned in the Australia’s Skilled Occupation List can get the work visa. Previously, these visas were divided into seven sub classes but now from 19th November 2016, new work visas have been introduced. Here, in this blog post; we will discuss about these new visas.

    So, let’s move ahead:

    19th November 2016- New Work Visas Introduced:

    Australian Government has launched a Temporary Activity Visa Framework on 19th Nov 2016 which has reduced the seven visa subclasses to four. This is done to have an efficient and fair visa system. According to Michael Burke, Assistant Secretary; “Applying for this temporary visa will be now easier and simpler for sponsors and applicants. It has modernized sponsorship requirements and also removed the nomination stage for various activities.

    This change has reduced red tape for business, industry and individuals. So, from now on; the new working visa Sub classes will be as follows:

    • Subclass 400 Visa ( Temporary Work Short Stay Specialist)
    • Subclass 403 Visa ( International Relations)
    • Subclass 407 Visa ( Training Visa)
    • Subclass 408 ( Temporary Activity Visa)

    Let’s take a look at these in detail:

    Upon approval from Governor General, new temporary activity visa framework has been launched. This new framework is developed in order to make it easier to apply for temporary visa.
    So, now applicants will be able to lodge applications online via ImmiAccount. Get Australian work visa easily with the help of YEG Global. Single sponsorship is replaced with six existing sponsorship types i.e. long stay activity, training and research, professional development, entertainment, special programme and superyacht crew)
    This means six tasks will be conducted with one visa. So, from now on; with these four new subclasses applicants will be enter to Australia for temporary work or any special activity.

    1. Subclass 400 Visa (Temporary Work Short Stay Specialist): This visa is for those who wish to have a temporary stay in Australia for carrying out some short term, highly specialized and non ongoing work. It is also useful in certain circumstances where applicant has participated in an activity or work that is in Australia’s Interest.
    1. Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa: It is for those willing to come to Australia for certain temporary tasks such as : For any kind of mutual agreement For teaching any foreign language in Australian school For any diplomat who has taken full time domestic work Any person with constitutional human rights and protection Participating in any Seasonal Worker Programme.
    1. Subclass 407 Training visa: Those visiting Australia with a purpose of any occupational training or for participation in any classroom based professional development activities; this visa is perfect.
    1. Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa: This visa is for those visiting Australia temporarily for any of the following activities:
      Working in Entertainment Industry.
      Invitation from any Australian organization to participate in social activities or non-ongoing cultural activity.
      Participating in any academic research project.
      For any full time religious work Participating in special programme that can enhance international relations and cultural exchange.
      Participating in high level sports such as training.
      Working in any skilled position under staff exchange agreement
      Participating in any event organized by Australian government Working as a crew member in superyacht. Carry out full time domestic work in household of senior foreign executives.
      This image will explain the new adapted framework in detail:

    All those applying for Australian Work Visa must go through this entire blog post as this will really help you to know which new visa subclass is useful to you. Hope this blog post was useful to you.

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