Australia Work Visa – For A Better Growth

  • Australia Work Visa – For A Better Growth
    2 Nov 2016

    Australia Work Visa – For A Better Growth

    Australia along with a beautiful landscape has a treasure of working opportunities. People from various countries visit this beautiful continent to work and live there. Australia attracts people due to its high employment rate and fast growing economy. Work Visa is essential in order to live and work in Australia either on the temporary or permanent basis.

    Types of Work Visas:

    Australia’s Work Visa program or the General Skilled Migration Program allows people with certain skills and capabilities to migrate to Australia, so as to improve the economy as well as the workforce. It also offers the individuals from any part of the world an exciting chance to live and have fun In Australia while hardworking for a better lifestyle.

    Skilled Migration Visa:

    This type of visa can be availed by any foreign skilled worker who meets the specified criteria and has the skills which are in great demand in the Australian labor market.

    Sponsored or Nominated Work Visas:

    Any foreign individual can avail this type of visa. This type of visa is granted to those individuals who possess the required criteria and are sponsored or nominated by:

    • A recognized Australian employer
    • A Territory or State Authority
    • A government Agency of a State or Territory
    Work and Holiday Visa

    It is a type of visa which is only available to 18 – 30 years old people from specific countries. This visa provides the individuals with an amazing chance to holiday in Australia as well as earn some money for travel adventures.

    Entrepreneur visa: It is a part of the Business Innovation and Investment visa program. This type of visa will attract and retain the topentrepreneurial talent as well as the skilled, talented people which the country, Australia needs so as to drive ideas from research to commercial reality.

    How to Apply For Work Visa In Australia:

    Skilled Visa:

    For this visa, the applicant must need to submit the online Expression of Interest (EOI) on SkillSelect. This SkillSelect is an online system which receives and processes the submitted applications. Details, such as Age, Skills, Education, Language Proficiency, etc are to be submitted in the applicant’s profile in SkillSelect. On selection, a nomination from Australian State, territory or Employer will be received to apply for the visa in Australia.

    Sponsored Visa:

    For the application of this visa, it is mandatory that the applicant needs to be sponsored by an employer or an approved sponsor living in Australia. The applicant can submit the application for Australian sponsored visa once the employer lodges an application to nominate or sponsor you. Online application can be also being done. For the online application process mention the nomination Transaction Reference Number or Application ID confirmed by the Employer in Australia.

    Look For Work In Australia:

    It is also possible to find a job in Australia after reaching there. Get an Australian contact number; make an application for Tax File Number (TFN) for the filing of taxes and open a bank account. One can easily get work as per the skills which help in the Australia’s economic growth, and which are in short supply in the country get a job.

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