Some Important Questions About Australian Student Visa

  • Some Important Questions About Australian Student Visa
    29 Nov 2016

    Some Important Questions About Australian Student Visa

    90% of youngsters wish to go to abroad for studies. Some even wish to settle there. However, it is not a one day process and so a firm decision is to be taken whether one is really interested to go to a foreign country or not.

    Today, Australia, UK & USA are the three major countries where people are willing to shift to. If you are willing to go to Australia for study purpose then here are certain common questions answered that will answer all your queries.

    So, let’s begin:

    Answers to some of the common questions that may occur in one’s mind who is willing to get Australian Student Visa:

    1. From where to begin? In order to become eligible for student visa, you must be accepted for any course in that country. As evidence, you need to show the application for the course that you are interested to study.

      You must also make sure that the course you have applied for , meets the Australian Visa requirements. Student visa is accepted considering the following factors:

      • Applicant’s country of citizenship
      • Selected destination country
      • Applicant’s course of interest
      • Institution applicant is willing to study at
      • Funds for the study.

      Every country has its own visa system and admission procedures but at times they are somewhat similar:

      For Australian Student Visa:

      • Return Air Fare
      • Course Fees
      • AUD 18,000 per year living costs.

      For US Student Visa:

      • Proof of Liquid assets that also include cost of first year study and living expenses.
      • Available funds to cover other years of study.

      Irrespective of the country you choose to study, start the visa procedure as soon as possible.

    2. Application for Student Visa: Application process begins in one’s own country. For this, you will have to visit an application centre where you can submit application paper work and provide the required biometric information.

      Submission of Australian Visa application can be easily done online and biometric information can be submitted at any of the Australian Visa application centers.

    3. Type of Student Visa required: Australian Student Visa depends on the country of citizenship and the subject you have selected to study there.
    4. How much money is required? Finance is an important factor considered during visa application process and it is necessary to prove that you have sufficient funds to pay course fees as well as living costs.

      The money required can vary depending upon the country and region of the country. Some countries have a requirement to show that you are able to pay complete course fees while some just need the proof.

    5. Do I need to be good in English? This entirely depends on the course that you have selected. It may have the need to have an English language certificate however along with this as per the immigration rules you have to prove that you have a good understanding of English.
    6. Can your family accompany with you? Yes, you may want to have at least one family member with you but if you are going on Australian student visa then you need to prove that you have sufficient level of funds available to support every dependent that accompanies you.

      It is necessary to check the specific requirements of the particular destination that you have selected.

    7. Will student visa allow me to work? Generally on a student visa, an individual is permitted to work up to 20 hours per week and this is possible only once your course is started. This also applies for any dependent you have.
    8. Till how much time can I stay there? Student visa holders can stay till the course duration as mentioned in the application. You can also stay there for a short span of time after completing your studies.

      This time can vary from 60 days to 4 months based upon your selected destination.

    9. Is it harder for international students to study overseas? There are many changes made by countries to make international education difficult however changes in immigration laws can protect your international education. These restrictions are levied to avoid illegal institutions and colleges offering improper education to international students.

      This ensures you to receive quality education from well known college or university.

    10. Where can I get more information? For more such information related to Australian Student Visa, you can refer to Australian Government Student Visas and you can also get in touch with ua; representatives here will sort out every problem of yours.

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