Know About Different Types Of Student’s Visa

  • Know About Different Types Of Student’s Visa
    14 Feb 2017

    Know About Different Types Of Student’s Visa

    You may be amazed to know that Australia has third largest number of international universities of the world. It is dream country for many students. It is the best country to do higher education in the areas of physics, medicines, agriculture, natural science, maths, pharmacy and many other areas. The quality of life over here is really good. This country gives you hundreds of reasons to stay here and apply for student visa.

    This multi-cultures country open foreigners with the open heart. Along with its friendly atmosphere, it offer most clean and safe with low crime rates. The kind of education provided over here makes you eligible and perfect to work anywhere around the world. Their highly technical and vocational education offers great excellence with the practical approach. In this land of kangaroo, technology adaption is one of the best thing, here you will get best technologies along with the amazing laboratories, world class classrooms.

    Firstly English is the main requirement of Student Visa for Australia, you need to prove your proficiency of the language through several entrance exams. The course you have applied in education institute or the training institute should be valid and institute must be registered with the government of Australia.

    What Type of Student Visa You Want To Apply?

    Before applying for student visa always keep in mind that there are several types of student visas.

    School Sector Visa:
    This type of visa is only meant for the students who are applying for the course at the primary or secondary level of education. It also includes school education exchange programs.

    Higher Education Student Visa:
    Under this type of visa, those who wants to pursue graduation certificate, bachelor, masters or graduation diploma can apply of visa. Under this you have also right to work for the several hours in a week while doing your course.

    ELICOS Student Visa:
    English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students is the course that you can took up along with the main course.

    Vocational Education and Training Sector Student Visa
    As the name suggests you can apply for this type of visa if you want to undertake vocational courses. This course includes various types of diplomas and vocational courses which is meant for very limited period of time.

    Postgraduate Research:
    Those who want to do some master degree or the doctoral or research in Australia can apply for this type of visa. This visa allows you to take up the part time job in order to survive band meet your expenses. But you can work here with the limited working hours permission.

    Student Guardian Visa:
    If your ward is under 18 years of age, then you can apply for this type of visa. This Visa is meant for those parents or relatives whose ward is studying in Australia.

    Defence Sponsored or AusAid Visa:
    As the name suggests, this type of visa is those students who are sponsored by the defence or AusAid to complete their education. Here they took up full time course.

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