All You Need To Know About The Australia’s Student Visa

  • All You Need To Know About The Australia’s Student Visa
    5 Jan 2017

    All You Need To Know About The Australia’s Student Visa

    Australia is one of the most desirable countries of the world. This country is a complete package in itself. It has so much to offer from the wonderful sight scenes to the laid back nature, museums, high standard of education systems. It is the country of adventures, amazing cultures and land of opportunities. Australia itself has 8 top universities out of 100 universities of the world. For its best education system many students choose this country for the higher studies in graduation, post graduation, vocational studies and professional courses.

    To get into the country for the high studies purpose you need Australia Student Visa. Many students are having successful career after completed their degree from the best universities of Australia. Employers highly appreciate degrees and certificate from this kangaroo country.

    Also the country give you opportunity to meet your expense by allowing the international students to work up to 40 hours in fifteen hours. This working experience may prove beneficial later and also give you opportunity to explore different career option at the university level only. Along with that many scholarship helps the students to survive in high living standard country.

    Required Documents for Applying for Visa:

    There are several documents that you need while applying for the visa. So following are the list of documents:

    • Visa application form
    • Valid passport
    • Passport photographs
    • Visa application fee
    • Financial stability evidence
    • Electronic confirmation of admission
    • Statement of purpose
    • Academic document
    • IELTS scorecard
    • Valid health insurance
    • Proof of non-criminal record

    There are several types of student visas which include vocational education and training visa, school sector visa, English Language Intensive Course visa, student guardian visa, postgraduate research visa, defense sponsor visa and higher education visa.

    Duration Of Visa:

    You are allowed to stay in the country till the completion of course with the extension of one month. However extension is possible for a specified period of time.

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