New Australian Tourist Visa for China

  • New Australian Tourist Visa for China
    16 Dec 2016

    New Australian Tourist Visa for China

    Australia is a country to be explored the most. The more you know about it, the more you will fall in love with it. Many people love to travel to Australia. It is a place of wonders. Yes, different people have different needs, some love to stay there, some love to work there and some are willing to travel. Recently, a new deal was framed between Australia and China about which we are going to discuss in this blog post. So, have some coffee, be ready, and keep your all senses here and read ahead to know how lucky China people will be!

    New Deal between Australia and China:

    Australian government now made it much easier for China people for travelling to Australia. A new visa with trial of ten year multiple entry visas for China will begin soon. According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull; he and China’s president Xi Jinping decided to declare 2017 as the “Australia- China year of Tourism”.

    In order to make this come true, the government of Australia is working 24/7 round the clock to improve the competitiveness of Australia’s Visa system and among the changes that will be made; one is launching of “Trail 10 year multiple entry visitor visas for China”.

    Why Only China?

    As said above during the tourism conference at Canberra; Australia has second largest group of visitors from China among the international arrivals to this country. China is one of the highest spenders and because of which Australian economy received fund of $8.3 billion from China alone.

    This figure will increase to $13 billion by 2020.

    As compared to other countries, China is Australia’s number one market by means of value and very soon it will be number one by volume as well.
    Tourism market is highly competitive in nature as it has 190 national tourism organizations all competing for international visitors and hence this one seems to be just an average achievement.

    When will this trial begin?

    Very soon, this trial will be put into effect and nobody knows about its official launch according to the report from Australian Tourism. The first announcement about these visas was done in June 2015 and in order to keep it valid, visa holders will have to leave the country at regular timely intervals.

    Similar arrangements are made by China with United States, Cananda and Israel.

    For China tourists, this will be wonderful news as they can easily travel to Australia with such 10 years travel visa. For now, till it gets launched officially, the old Visitor’s Visa or we can say Australian Tourist Visa is what one needs to travel to Australia for various purposes such as holiday, recreation, visit family or friends for stay upto three or six or twelve months.

    It can also be used for other short term purposes. It is for all those having a passport and wish to apply for a visa to visit Australia.

    Willing to know more about Visitor Visa? Contact YEG Global today where experienced migration agents will brief you completely about this and will guide you accordingly about its process, necessary documents and all. Hope you enjoyed this latest update about Australian Tourism? Stay tuned for more such jaw dropping news…

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